15th August 2017

Time to think

Thanks to neuroscience we can examine how we think in much more detail.  This new knowledge is challenging some or our long-held beliefs and providing valuable […]
4th July 2017

Motivating Change

What insights can neuroscience and emotional intelligence provide to inform the successful implementation of organisational change? As specialists in change and engagement, the fields of emotional […]
19th June 2017
why it shouldn't matter when a great leader leaves your organisation

Why it shouldn’t matter when a great leader leaves your organisation

It’s a problem that affects some of the best businesses, and it can hit hard. What happens when a leader is so successful that everything comes […]
16th May 2017

Why is everyone harping on about neuroscience?

They say it takes about ten years for the learnings from the science community to really make an impact within business.  I truly hope this is […]
24th April 2017

Internal communications – bringing it all together

Evolving social communications platforms have done a great deal to streamline internal communications in business, yet some organisations still find that their multi-part systems break down […]
21st January 2017

Step back to keep employees from feeling overwhelmed

Businesses around the world are experiencing problems with poor employee engagement because of an overwhelming work environment, according to the latest Global Human Capital Trends report […]
23rd December 2016
Life lessons from a lobster

Life lessons from a lobster

I was intrigued recently by a headline that read “how do lobsters grow?” It was something that I could have easily skipped over, thinking, as an […]
29th November 2016

The neural basis of engagement

Understanding how the brain works delivers valuable insights into improving engagement and unlocking individual and organisational potential. Employee engagement is described using a variety of colourful […]
12th October 2016

The Art of Risk and Compliance

Those who are prepared to think differently are often mocked for doing so but these creative minds may prove invaluable in imagining risk scenarios that others […]
1st September 2016

The Implications for Leaders Facing Uncertainty and Division of Opinion in the Workplace – A Post EU Referendum Analysis

Executive Summary This report looks at the impact of major change, uncertainty and division of opinion in the workplace and considers the implications for leaders.  It […]
10th August 2016

In a situation that divides opinion within an organisation what questions should we be asking?

Neuroscience dictates that we, as humans dislike change, and in particular, we dislike uncertainty.  Whilst the leaders of the country continue to grapple to establish a […]
7th July 2016

Can valuing employees add value to a business?

It runs contrary to the prevailing business philosophy of the past 30 years, but Bob Chapman has found that taking over companies without sacking anyone who […]
26th June 2016

The UK’s Leaders Have Failed Us All

Friday was a day that passed in a daze.  I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that the UK has voted out of […]
31st May 2016

In or Out? Companies with a Strong Vision will Weather the Storm Ahead

The Purchasing Managers’ Index measures the performance of the manufacturing and service sectors and is widely regarded as a key indicator of economic growth or decline.  […]
2nd April 2016
Engaging leaders place greater emphasis on EQ than IQ

Leaders, understanding how the emotional brain works is the key to effecting real change

Traditionally leadership theories have focused on the rational IQ based functions when it comes to facilitating improved individual and organisational business performance.  Yet, increasingly, research demonstrates […]
17th March 2016

We’re all just bozos on a bus. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Just recently I read an article by Elizabeth Lesser entitled “Bozos on the Bus”.  It introduces a clown-activist called Wavy Gravy. He’s a social activist, a […]
18th February 2016
Autonomy unlocks employee potential

Autonomy – the Key to Unlocking Employee Potential?

Autonomy is not something regularly discussed at leadership level. Certainly there is an understanding of the importance of feedback, the need to cultivate strong employee engagement […]
15th January 2016
Leadership and neuroscience

Leaders…Is Your Bad Mood Affecting Organisational Performance?

There is now well-documented evidence from the field of neuroscience, to prove that how leaders behave and present themselves has a real and long lasting impact […]
7th December 2015

Identifying problem workplace behaviours

Everybody knows that bad behaviour in the workplace can lead to long-term problems, and most good managers like to nip it in the bud. However, how […]
19th November 2015

Fitting the story to the team

A recent article in Harvard Business Review looks again at the importance of storytelling, breaking down what makes a good story to reveal a number of […]