Brain-Friendly Change
for optimum business efficiency

90-Min, Half Day & Full Day Workshops for teams or enterprise-wide

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Inside 45-Minutes we will educate, entertain and inspire you, with practical tools to apply, in the hours after your workshop. 


Brain-Friendly Change Workshops are delivered in-person and virtually, for teams, functions or enterprise-wide

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Optimise. Change.

Access and apply Brain-Friendly Change

techniques to facilitate:

  1. human capacity

  2. increased resilience

  3. higher levels of  performance

  4. optimum business efficiency 

  5. change that is more fluid, with less friction

Minerva Engagement's approach to change is powerfully potent


90-Minute bespoke workshops on leading change for optimal business efficiency. On-site and remote. 


Half-day intensives for teams, departments and enterprise wide. On-site and remote. 


Full day immersion for practical application.

On-site and remote. 

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Business Efficiency





Industry leading mentors


Organisations from private & public sectors


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From start to finish, we seek to understand the impact of what we deliver and the value added to your organisation for funds invested.


We work collaboratively to agree which business, team and individual performance criteria to evaluate and monitor, with clear benchmarks to assess progress and results.

The tools we use support the work we do, including traditional surveys, focus groups and psychometric assessments.


We also employ cutting edge tools, including Conductor Software, a psychological safety assessment tool specifically designed to measure levels of psychological safety within teams and the organisation.

And it all begins with a free 45-minute

workshop on Brain Friendly Change  >>

At Minerva Engagement, we partner with organisations, teams, and individuals to develop engaging leaders who create the environments of energy, optimism, productivity, and well-being needed to flourish in a changing world.

Applying the latest insights from neuroscience, we bridge the gap between leadership development and employee engagement to achieve results you can measure and change that lasts.