Assess and Measure

From start to finish, we seek to understand the impact of what we deliver and the value added to your organisation for funds invested. We work collaboratively to agree which business, team and individual performance criteria to evaluate and monitor, with clear benchmarks to assess progress and results.

The tools we use support the work we do, including traditional surveys, focus groups and psychometric assessments. We also employ cutting edge tools, including the i4 Neuroleader Assessment, which is built around the core competencies you need for 21st century leadership, and Conductor, a psychological safety assessment tool which is designed to measure levels of psychological safety within your teams and organisation.

We don’t take a one-size fits all approach, instead we work collaboratively with you to understand exactly how we can provide support, then choose the best tools in the industry to assess and measure success. This matters to us because one of our founding values is to make a real difference by enabling people, teams and organisations to be the best they can be.

I’d just like to extend my absolute gratitude to the whole Minerva Engagement team. Their work left an indelible mark on us and we were very appreciative of everybody’s support, both personally and professionally.
Managing Director, Business Banking, Santander

The transformation in British Gas; it feels more like a start-up than a former state monopoly that was once a by-word for poor customer service.
Financial Times commentary on our work with British Gas

For more information on psychological safety, its correlation with improved wellbeing and performance and our psychological safety assessment tool you can view the short video Building A Fearless Organisation for High Performance and Wellbeing below or contact

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