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Coach and Mentor

We combine experienced executive coaching and mentoring with the latest research and expertise on brain, mind and body from the science community, to achieve sustainable shifts in behaviour and mindset.


You’re in safe hands. All of our coaching team have senior operational and organisational line experience gained at board or director level. In addition, our team has many hundreds of hours of supervised coaching experience. Team members have even helped to shape the coaching profession, having fulfilled board and executive director roles at the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Minerva Engagement and our coaching partners at Accelerating Experience are members of the EMCC – the body that develops European standards, ethics and a professional code to assure quality in the industry. All of our executive coaches are fully accredited, with our most senior members accredited to master practitioner level at the EMCC.



Head of Department, RNLI

“ The coaching I received from Minerva was extremely valuable to me from both a work and a personal perspective. I looked forward to the sessions as a safe space for introspection and reflection away from the usual frantic nature of my working days. I was given some simple tools to allow me space to pause and shift mindset, and I have been putting these into practice with great results. I would not hesitate to recommend! “


Group CEO, CitySprint Group

“ Accelerating Experience played an integral part in our successful growth. Their partnership approach as trusted advisors was a terrific catalyst, both in the quality of their advice and in the way they motivated us to want to do more together to achieve our plans. Without their contribution to create such strength in depth in our Executive management capability, we wouldn’t have been able to grow as fast or create such a high exit value for the company. “

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