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Our communication and engagement consultancy combines our years of experience in internal communications and employee engagement with the latest insights from the neuroscience community. It’s a unique mix of capabilities that brings you a deeper understanding of how to support teams, improve engagement and enable effective change.


New neuroscience is revealing how the brain shapes behaviour in ways that weren’t understood until now. These fresh insights underline the importance of your own mindset and behaviour, how the right environments create the best ideas, and how language, consistency and emotion all play a big role. This understanding gives you a real edge when it comes to engaging, supporting and inspiring teams of people through any kind of change or transformation.

Minerva Engagement was founded by Deborah Hulme, a communication and engagement consultancy professional and a Fellow of the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC). Deborah is supported by a highly-skilled team of experts, with a proven track record in successfully engaging leaders, teams and organisations like yours to deliver complex change programmes. Our partner creative agency, Sequel Group, provides industry-leading design and technology solutions that bring communication and engagement to life in powerful ways.



Head of EU POS Vendor Services, Elavon Financial Services

“ We got a huge uplift in our responses to our internal comms this year. When we asked our employees “are we taking action?” we got a 16 percent uplift, whereas our previous average before Minerva Engagement came on board had been 2 or 3 percent. “


CEO, Financial Services Organisation

“ This year we’ve seen a major step-change in business performance and a speed of progress that can be attributed to quality thinking, strategic advice and timely execution. “

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