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Working with Minerva Engagement has positively impacted the way we think about change and is helping us approach change in a ‘brain-friendly way’. 

​​By understanding the neuroscience behind change, new habit creation and engagement, we’ve been able to rethink how we implement change programmes. 

Certain insights resulted in the pausing of some work in progress, to be reframed in a way that would better enable it to stick.

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Learning & Development

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Brain-Friendly Change:
Enable Change

A neuroscience-led programme, designed to support and inform existing change process with a specific focus on the people aspect of change.  During Enable Change we take the very latest science-informed knowledge and insight and learn how to create environments that are adaptable and agile, supporting frictionless change.

Learning Outcomes


By completing Enable Change, participants will: 

  • Have the ability to shape change activity according to human needs and behaviours

  • Be equipped to navigate change without compromising wellbeing and performance

  • Develop the skills to identify and embed healthy habits for measurable behavioural change

  • Learn tools and techniques for team and business application within the change agenda


Learning & Development


Brain-Friendly Change:
Mindset Matters

Mindset plays a crucial role in the way we think and act in response to change.  During Mindset Matters we define what a mindset is, exploring the relationship between what we think and what we do.  We learn how the brain changes itself, directing emotion, energy and behaviour, including what we can do to shift mindset, at an individual and team level, making us more open to learn, grow and innovate. 

Learning Outcomes

By completing Mindset Matters, participants will: 


  • Be equipped to recognise and influence the relationship between thought, action and performance    

  • Have the ability to harness the power of mindset for effective change

  • Develop the skills to implement inclusive habits, supporting mindset shift and behavioural change

  • Learn tools and techniques to support a culture, open to continual learning, feedback and growth

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Really interesting insight into the science behind productivity and how everything is connected. We're now thinking totally differently about team performance and productivity aside from how to manage emails and meetings. 


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Brain-Friendly Change

In this webinar we share our insights and experience of organisational change and the science of human behaviour and explore how deepening our understanding of the brain enables us to place wellbeing and resilience at the centre of our change programmes for successful and sustainable organisational change.

This session is for leaders wanting to create environments with high levels of psychological safety and to ensure that their people are able to embrace and embed change more fully. 




Change Fatigue
or Change Energy?

In this webinar we share our thoughts, knowledge and extensive experience of organisational change and the science of human behaviour as we bring to life the importance of releasing and harnessing internal energy, to see us through the most challenging of changing times.

This session is for leaders considering how we can adapt to changing circumstances as we build our resilience and develop capability to collectively flourish and thrive. 



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Thrive -Learn to Weather Any Storm

Our human system is a fantastic and complex system yet it can’t evolve fast enough to keep pace with our modern-day speed of change. That said, we all have at our disposal the potential to use the resources that are available in a much better way. 


This blended learning experience is applicable for all levels. Participants will learn how to use our brain, mind and body resources to best effect in order to build resilience perform better, stay well and thrive in rapidly changing times.

Live Virtual Workshops: 22nd Sept & 29th Sept 2022
Self-Guided Virtual Training:  22nd - 29th Sept 2022
One-to-One Virtual Mentoring Session:  To be scheduled between
22nd-29th Sept 2022