Change Fatigue or Change Energy?

Webinar: Change Fatigue or Change Energy? How do we sustain wellbeing and performance in times of unprecedented change?

In this recorded webinar delivered to a global audience in early 2021 we explore how we can address change fatigue and adapt to changing circumstances as we build our resilience and develop capability to collectively flourish and thrive.

Minerva’s Deborah Hulme and Dominic Paine share their thoughts, knowledge and extensive experience of organisational change and the science of human behaviour as they bring to life the importance of releasing and harnessing internal energy, to see us through the most challenging of changing times.

Specifically, we cover the:

  • Current context and why the human experience is more important than ever
  • Impact of stress and how to manage the rising emotion
  • Importance of purpose, behaviour and mindset for change energy
  • Relevance of psychological safety and why measure it

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