Communication that Speaks to Emotion – Internal Communication Masterclass – December

This two and a half-hour intensive internal communication masterclass is designed for participants to build on the learnings from the Neuroscience: The Science Behind Effective Employee Engagement & Change masterclass delivered in partnership with the Institute of Internal Communication (IOIC).

It focuses on how we as communicators can hold the attention of our audiences. This is particularly relevant within our fast-moving environments where increasing distraction, coupled with a rapidly reducing capacity for change, demands communication that speaks to our human emotion, hopes and fears.

Event Date: 8th December, 2021
Time: 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
Delivered online by Deborah Hulme

Learning objectives:

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of the cocktail of chemicals that underpin our ability to listen; the role of metaphor and how the stories we tell, make-up and believe determine what we do
  • Develop an understanding of our human attentional filter, why it works the way it does, and how this impacts how we structure, target and position our communication activity
  • Gain knowledge of the practices we can put in place to improve how our communication lands, increasing retention and recall within what is becoming an increasingly crowded communication landscape
  • Be able to contribute to the creation of a highly engaged and informed workplace

The course will cover:

  • What the science tells us about our ability to listen
  • The role of metaphor and the power of stories in determining what we do
  • How the human attentional filter works and the implications for communication
  • How to improve communication practice in a crowded communication landscaped for greater cut-through, retention, recall and engagement

Additional benefits

All participants will also gain:

  • Pre and post course access to Canvas, the IoIC’s online learning environment, with access to all course materials and the opportunity to engage with fellow participants
  • The opportunity to apply learnings in a practical setting in between the delivery stages of the masterclasses and to come back together as a group for discussions and feedback
  • Access to a network of like-minded professionals to connect with and learn from

Whilst this internal communications masterclass is designed as a follow on to the IOIC’s Science Behind Effective Employee Engagement and Change masterclass it can be completed as a stand alone session. For more information please contact

This Communication that Speaks to Emotion masterclass is delivered by Deborah Hulme, a Fellow of the IoIC and founder of Minerva Engagement.  Deborah is a thought-leader and practitioner in neuroleadership and employee engagement and has over 20 years’ experience shaping and delivering complex change and engagement programmes.

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“The only thing I would improve would be to make this longer. I could listen to this all day!“

“This has been fascinating and so helpful, thank you”

“The strengths of this course for me were the insights into scientific research (always useful when getting leadership on board) and some really useful tips about getting emotion into our virtual comms”

“I will definitely take away loads from the session – such as coaching leadership!”

“Thank you very much really useful and thought-provoking”

“Fantastic content and I also love Deborah’s slides as they are really useful to refer to later. I will be talking about this course forever!“