Engage Whole Self Online Learning Module – August Cohort

Neuroleader Academy Programme – Foundation Module – Engage Whole Self

In this 6-week virtual learning module you will learn how to create optimal levels of mental and physical wellbeing by integrating brain, mind and body. Understand the relationship between your rational and emotional self and how engaging the whole self enables peak performance.

Cost £375+VAT
Study time: Approx. 3-3.5 hours per week for 6 weeks
All content designed and delivered by neuroleadership specialists, Deborah Hulme and Marina Dieck

During the module you will explore and understand more about:

  • The structures, components and functions of the brain
  • The relationship between brain, mind and body
  • The relevance of social connection
  • Our internal communication system and how we activate threat/reward responses
  • How to get the best from the thinking resources we have available
  • The relevance of our limbic structures and how the brain organises itself for safety and function
  • The relevance to our leadership practice, wellbeing and performance overal

What is included:

  • Video-based course learning materials
  • Four study calls (booked at course start)
  • Downloadable exercises, models and additional resource materials for practical application
  • On-line self-assessment links (where appropriate)
  • Interactive discussion groups and reflections points
  • End of module knowledge check

Accreditation and assessment

To receive accreditation for the module, it is important to complete all compulsory activity. This includes:

  • Completion of all module materials
  • Completion and ‘Pass’ for five reflection points
  • Completion and ‘Pass’ of end of module knowledge check
  • Attendance of and contribution to four study calls (or submission of 300 – 500 learning summary)

Discussion board participation is optional, yet highly recommended. Active engagement with the wider cohort on topics covered has been shown to enhance the overall learning experience and, importantly, the embedding of that learning.

To view or download more information please click here.  To book your place or for further details please contact jennie.flower@minervaengagement.com