Happiness: What it is and How to Find it – Self Guided Online Workshop

Happiness: What it is and How to Find it is a self-guided learning module designed to support you in developing your knowledge happiness, the science behind it and how to achieve it.

By participating in this course you will learn more about happiness, the science behind it and how true happiness may not be what we think it is.  You will also gain insights into how to shift your mindset to help you to find and maintain true happiness.

Cost: £30 inc. VAT per download for individual course (or £125 inc. VAT to purchase the full series of five courses, scroll down for further details)
Study Time: 45-minute learning video
Plus: Additional reading, practical exercises and self reflection activities
Certification on successful completion
All content designed and delivered by neuroleadership practitioner, Deborah Hulme

During the workshop you will explore and learn more about:

  • The science of happiness
  • What true happiness is and why it may not be what we think it is
  • How to shift the mindset in order to find and maintain true happiness

This course will go live soon. You can purchase it now and receive a notification of when the content is unlocked for participation. To do so click here to sign up to our online learning platform and make your payment. If you have any queries, please contact jennie.flower@minervaengagement.com.

Course creator: Deborah Hulme
Learning environment: Online learning platform

Happiness is one of our series of five short self-guided courses; Happiness, Thrive, Productivity, De-Stress & Calm.  You can purchase these individually at £30 each or £125 for the full series.  To purchase all five please select the “Bundles” option within the Course Catalogue of the  Minerva Engagement online learning portal.Happiness What it is and How to Find itProductivity Manage Your Brain Power to Be More Effective  De-Stress How to Befriend Stress and Why That's a Good Idea Calm Regulate Emotion for Inner and Outer Peace