Leading a High Performing Team Through Change – Online Learning Module

Leading a High Performing Team Through Change is 3-part tutor-led learning journey (3 x 75 min sessions over a 4-week period) designed to support leaders as they build the skills required to to successfully lead a team through change, whilst maintaining high performance.

By participating in this course, you will learn how great leadership begins with optimising one’s own mental and physical wellbeing to enable us to perform at our very best.  Doing so, allows us to regulate emotion, manage stress, stay resilient and model the way as we lead others through change.  You will explore how to embed habits for greater relationship and collaboration and the role of psychological safety in building and maintaining high performance teams.

Cost £300 (inc. VAT) per person
Study time: 3 x 75-minute guided learning sessions over a 4-week period
Plus: Additional study/practical exercises in-between sessions and self-reflection activities
All content designed and delivered by neuroleadership practitioner, Deborah Hulme

During the learning journey you will explore and learn more about:

  • Looking after self and why that matters for leadership and high performance
  • Modeling the way and behavioural contagion
  • Embedding habits for greater relationships and collaboration
  • Psychological safety, the power of team and the correlation with high performance

Key dates:

  • Launch date: 10th September
  • Study Call 1: 17th September, 12pm
  • Study Call 2: 1st October, 12pm
  • Study Call 3 & Wrap Up: 8th October, 12pm

If you have any queries, please contact jennie.flower@minervaengagement.com or click here to sign up to our online learning platform and book your place.

Course facilitator: Deborah Hulme
Learning environment: Zoom