How Can We Maintain Momentum and Energy in Lockdown & Beyond?

If, after several weeks of adapting to the challenges that the pandemic presents, you’re starting to feel the energy levels dipping, Lesley McBride provides some practical tips and guidance on how to maintain momentum and energy in lockdown and beyond.

Lesley explores the pros and cons of working together whilst apart and how we can bring the best version of ourselves to work – wherever that may be and provides a series of practical hints and tips to boost diminishing energy levels.

Participants in the webinar also shared some fantastic examples of things they had seen or experienced that really helped to give people a boost or lift energy levels, these include:

  • In my team we have a daily huddle – just 15 minutes when we talk about all sorts of things but not work. we also started a list of recommendations in terms of films, TV and books for the lockdown. it is just good to be part of a team and not feel isolated
  • Personally I find just working from home provides a boost as it allows much more family time due to not having to spend a good few hours commuting each day, thus tea is sorted earlier, the kids see more of me and it’s just more relaxed
  • I ask my team to take a photo every weekend about what lockdown has meant to them, then we share on our Teams site and the team comments on them. It could be beautiful countryside or it could be the cat lounging on their back with not a care in the world, or something someone has baked or made.
  • Getting out for a lunchtime walk or ride is helping me break up my day, and keeping me sane

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