Neuroleader Development Programme – Engage Whole Self

CPD Certified Course

The foundation module of our Neuroleader Development Programme – Engage Whole Self is designed as an introduction to the skills and competencies necessary to be an effective leader in the 21st century.

The 10-12-week blended learning programme comprises a mix of coach-led study calls, learning modules, wider reading and supporting resources. Learning is embedded through reflection, practical application, guided discussion and a buddy system which encourages participants to support and also learn from one another. The programme concludes with a 1,500-word assignment to cement learning.

Neuroleader Development Programme – Engage Whole Self

Working in cohorts of up to 12, participants learn about the importance and relevance of optimal levels of mental and physical wellbeing through the integration of brain, mind and body. A journey into the self, we explore thoughts, behaviours and emotions, as we begin to understand how to successfully engage with change and personal transformation. Understand the relationship between your rational and emotional self and how engaging the whole self enables peak performance.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore what is meant by Neuroleader and relevance with leadership today
  • Unpack ‘Whole Self’ and the importance of brain, mind & body integration
  • Understand the rational/emotional relationship and how it impacts wellbeing and performance
  • Learn why no two brains are alike and the implications for collaboration and engagement

Designed and delivered by Deborah Hulme and Marina Dieck, this leadership development programme consists of core units, each of which builds on the one before, with content accessed via our on-line learning platform, spaced into bite-size learning chunks. The programme includes 4 x 60-minute Study Calls with a qualified assessor/coach, plus optional:

  • Buddy mentor/coaches available to work with each buddy pair providing guidance and insight
  • Extended 120-minute study calls to include additional tailored material around specific and agreed subjects such as mindset, innovation and collaboration

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“I found this course incredibly insightful, not only in understanding myself but also my colleagues. Applying this scientific understanding to emotional behaviours will really help me to collaborate better with my team.”
Engage Whole Self Programme Delegate, Junior Director Level

As leaders how we act and think impacts on all. By becoming conscious of this, we can start to change our patterns of behaviour to have a more positive impact on our people”
Engage Whole Self Programme Delegate, Senior Leader, Rail Industry

“This course is brilliantly curated to make learning easy and thought provoking without feeling like a chore”
Engage Whole Self Programme Delegate, Senior Leadership Consultant

“The course was a refreshing and enlightening take on leadership and challenged me to think about my learned behaviours and how I needed to think about all aspects of myself in order to be a more effective and thoughtful leader. I think one of the most important takeaways from the programme was quite simply, if you don’t look after your whole self in terms of mind, brain and body then you wont reach your full potential as a leader as attending to all 3 aspects are equally important and the key to high performance.”
Director of People & Culture, RSPCA