Online Wellbeing Course – Productivity: Manage Your Brain Power to be More Effective

This online wellbeing course – Productivity: Manage Your Brain Power to be More Effective is a self-guided learning module designed to support you in the development of techniques that will allow you to focus attention and use mind wandering to best effect.

CPD Certified Course

By participating in this online wellbeing course – Productivity, you will learn about different states of mind; our monkey, wandering and attentive minds, as well as triggers and techniques to manage or harness each state, to enhance both wellbeing and productivity.

During this online wellbeing course – Productivity, you will explore and learn more about:

  • How to manage and utilise the different states of mind; the monkey, wandering and attentive minds
  • Ways of managing distraction and staying focused
  • Techniques to maximise thinking resource and increase productivity

Study Time: 3-5 hours of learning content (presentations, podcasts, reading, curated content and practical exercises)
Plus: Additional reading, self reflection activities and self-assessment
Certification: On successful completion
Course creator: Deborah Hulme
Learning environment: Online learning platform

Productivity is one of our series of five short self-guided online wellbeing courses – Productivity, Thrive, De-Stress, Calm & Happiness. All our short courses are available per person or enterprise-wide.

When delivered in-house, our online training portal can be co-branded to include your logo and the courses are purchased on a licence basis according to the number of users and length of time for which they are made accessible.  For more information please contact

You can purchase these individually at £30 each or £125 for the full series.  To purchase all five please select the “Bundles” option within the Course Catalogue of the Minerva Engagement online learning portal.