How Relationships and Social Connection Can Improve Performance and Productivity

We recently teamed up with the IGD to run a webinar and masterclass series on the subject of productivity. Here, Minerva’s founder, Deborah Hulme, explores the how relationships and social connection can improve performance and productivity.

This webinar will help you to become more productive by understanding:

  • How improving social connections boosts performance, wellbeing and engagement
  • How strengthening our networks and connections enhances performance and productivity
  • The basic principles for engaging others to build stronger relationships and connections
  • Why emotional intelligence is so critical for you to thrive in a changing environment

Deborah shares insights from her extensive experience of working with leaders, teams and organisations to improve wellbeing and performance through applied neuroscience.  She discusses our tendency to view organisations as machines when in fact businesses are living systems made up of human beings, and if we as human beings are performing well, then our productivity increases and stay much healthier and much happier.  This means that we have to think about ourselves and how we react and connect with others in a different way.

Deborah takes us through a holistic model for high performance and productivity and the connection between brain, mind and body, how we manage stress and how that all fits within a social connection.

She outlines six steps for participants to consider for higher performance and productivity;

  • Take time to observe
  • Learn to regulate emotion
  • Look after your whole self (brain, mind and body)
  • Don’t be afraid to fail
  • Take time to reflect
  • Continue to learn, question and grow

After viewing the webinar, build on what you’ve learned with these recommended next steps.

Deborah Hulme is Director of Minerva Engagement and founder of the Neuroleader Academy™.  Deborah combines the latest learnings from science with a deep understanding of the realities of effective practical application in business working with leaders, teams and organisations to enable human excellence.