How Can Positive Thinking Boost Personal Wellbeing & Resilience?

This recorded session is part of our wellbeing webinar series designed and delivered to provide support and to boost personal wellbeing and resilience during lockdown.  In this webinar: How can we stay positive and challenge negative thoughts?, Helen Stephens and Jennie Flower explore the power of positive thinking in promoting wellbeing and resilience in challenging times.

It’s apparent that the pandemic has presented a number of challenges and created a state of fear and uncertainty for many people.  These challenges are compacted by the fact that we don’t have access to the normal coping strategies that usually allow us to let off steam and boost our emotional resilience.

In this session we acknowledge that it’s common to be experiencing highs and lows and provide some hints and tips for staying positive and boosting wellbeing and resilience.

We explore how our thoughts influence our behaviour and how by simply noticing our thoughts and challenging them, they lose their power.  We also discuss the importance of compassion to ourselves and the power of positive thinking to enable us to be more resilient in the coming weeks

Feedback from participants:

Thank you so much for a really useful session!

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