Webinar: Brain-Friendly Change

In this recorded webinar, Deborah Hulme and Nick Smith, Director of business change specialists, Epion Consulting explore a “brain-friendly” approach to successful organisational change in this upcoming webinar: Brain-Friendly Change.

As we emerge from Covid and forge new ways of working, we are all continually engaging with significant and continuous constant change in our organisations. Yet, there’s less human capacity for change than there’s been for years, decades perhaps. And our ability to change fundamentally relates to our capacity for change, the human capacity to connect, disconnect and reconnect over and over again.

This session will be of real interest to Business and Change leaders wanting to ensure that their people are able to embrace and embed change more fully and by attending this webinar participants will:

  • Understand why failure to address wellbeing / psychological safety fundamentally (fatally) undermines change initiatives
  • Learn about approaches and tools to build wellbeing and change capacity
  • Explore “Brain-Friendly” change – integrating wellbeing into change methodology to enable successful change and sustained performance

Deborah and Nick share their thoughts, knowledge and extensive experience of organisational change and the science of human behaviour and consider how deepening our understanding of the brain contributes to successful organisational change.

“This webinar was excellent. I really enjoyed it. I think so many senior managers rush into change programmes without taking just a little additional time on the people aspects up front and asking people for their thoughts, fears and concerns so I definitely feel a brain-friendly approach is something more people need to know about and use.” Senior HR Professional

Deborah Hulme Brain Friendly Change Webinar

About Deborah Hulme:  Deborah is founder of Minerva Engagement and the Neuroleader Academy™.   Her passion for leadership and organisational wellbeing has been fuelled by a career in which she’s been instrumental in delivering sustainable change and engagement strategies across multi-national organisations. Combining the latest learnings from neuroscience with a deep understanding of the realities and pressures of modern-day business, Deborah works hand in hand with organisations to deliver high performance and to create environments with high levels of psychological safety in which trust and wellbeing flourish.

Nick Smith Brain Friendly Change Webinar

About Nick Smith:  Nick leads Epion Consulting, and works with organisations and their leaders to enable effective change. Bringing together deep expertise in strategy, communications and change with a passion for equipping and empowering people, Nick has worked with large and small organisations in Europe, Asia and North America. His clients value his insight, judgement, and team leadership.

For information on our approach to Brain-Friendly Change please contact jennie.flower@minervaengagement.com or nick.smith@epion.co.uk

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