The Science & Psychology of Wellbeing & High Performance – Speaker Session

Minerva’s Deborah Hulme joins an inspirational line up of speakers at this year’s Women in Construction World Series.  Deborah’s session The Science & Psychology of Wellbeing & High Performance sits within the Rebuilding the Future segment of the summit and will take place on the 22nd October.

The summit runs from 20-22nd October, and we’re pleased to provide you with a discount code to quote when booking for a reduced rate: SPEAKERS15.

The Science & Psychology of Wellbeing & High Performance

Organisations are, as we know, living systems and the very best organisations are made up of great teams, working and collaborating together.  Whilst we are familiar with the importance of Purpose and Engagement within this, we are perhaps not so familiar with the term Psychological Safety or why its relevant within our organisations.  In this talk Deborah will take us on a journey, exploring what we mean by Psychological Safety, unpacking the latest research and insights available and explaining how psychological safety underpins organisational wellbeing and performance.  There will be practical take-aways we can apply within our own environments as well as plenty of food for thought on how to support sustainable business within a fast changing world

By joining this session, participants will

  • Understand psychological safety as a lead indicator for wellbeing and performance
  • Explore the role and impact of leadership on psychological safety levels
  • Learn how to cultivate a culture of psychological safety for high performing teams

If you’d like to know more about how we support our clients to assess, measure and improve levels of psychological safety, then please click here for more info or contact