Wellbeing and Performance Q&As

To provide support during lockdown we hosted two live wellbeing and performance Q&As to provide the opportunity to answer the huge volume of questions we receive each week.

Here the Minerva team (Deborah Hulme, Marina Dieck and Jennie Flower) answer general questions on the themes of performance and wellbeing as well as any additional questions around the topics covered within our lockdown wellbeing and performance webinar series.

We answered questions on numerous aspects of wellbeing and performance in the context of the global pandemic, including:

  • How do I stop myself from feeling guilty that I’m not balancing it all?
  • I find it difficult to remember to take breaks, do you have any tips for that?
  • How do you deal with the desire to sleep all the time when you feel overwhelmed and therefore never getting anything done?
  • What can we do around goal-setting in times of uncertainty and what can we do to maintain a sense of control?
  • How can one be supportive to colleagues without seeming too intrusive when they’re working from home?

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