Neuroscience Masterclass


We have teamed up with the Institute of Internal Communication throughout 2018 to run our neuroscience masterclass; The Science Behind Effective Employee Engagement and Change. The next session is on 15th November 2018 in London

The masterclass is relevant to anyone involved in making change happen within an organisation and so far we've welcomed participants from within those fields from a huge range of companies including Amnesty International, Caffe Nero, GSK, Heineken, Southern Water, RBS and Which?. The session covers:

  • The latest research from neuroscience, explaining how the brain operates and what helps and hinders powerful communication and effective engagement
  • How to create and maintain work environments that encourage innovation, creativity and effective collaboration, exploring the importance of culture and trust
  • How to promote wellbeing, improve resilience and reduce stress in the workplace, increasing motivation, engagement and retention

Bookings are now being taken so please click here for more information or to book your space. To register your interest in a future session or for more information on the role of neuroscience in organisational change, please get in touch with

Neuroscience Webinar


Our Influencing Internal Energy webinar will take place on Weds 21st November at 11am. This webinar is relevant to anyone involved in making change happen within an organisation or those experiencing some kind of change right now. It draws on recent theories from the fields of neuroleadership, employee engagement and communication.

This session looks at:

  • How to generate, manage and maintain energy within our organisations
  • The changing world of work and the need for continuous innovation
  • The importance of meaningful communication and strong leadership within a changing environment
  • The concept of threat and reward as well as the powerful and sometimes debilitating influence of social pain

The webinar is free and sign up details will soon go live. Save the date for now and if you haven't already done so, subscribe to our updates and we'll keep you informed.

Photo credit: Riccardo Annandale