Productivity Webinar


Join Deborah Hulme as she explores the role of relationship and social connection for improved performance and productivity in this free Creating Productive Connections webinar on 5th March 2019, 12-12:45pm.

We are entering an era in which skill-sets grounded in social and emotional intelligence are essential for high performance and productivity. Skill-sets based around trust, relationship and social connection foster innovation and collaboration enabling us to thrive rather than just survive in our increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

This webinar will help increase your productivity by showing you:

  • How improving our social connection positively impacts performance wellbeing and engagement
  • The basic principles for engaging others to build stronger relationships and connections
  • Why improving emotional intelligence is so critical if we are to thrive within our changing environment

The webinar is free and hosted by the IGD. Click here to book your place.

Wellbeing & Performance Masterclass


Our Brain, Mind, Body and Business masterclass will take place in London on the 20th March, 2019.

Whilst we're all aware of the importance and the benefit of caring for our bodies and investing in our physical health, very few of us invest regularly in the health of our minds or brains. Learning how to do so helps us to regulate emotion, manage stress, improve our wellbeing and perform at our best.

Participating in this full-day neuroscience masterclass will develop understanding of the link between brain, mind and body health and better business performance by showing you.

  • The role that sleep, exercise and nutrition play in our ability to problem-solve
  • How to manage our brain's power and leverage its energy for better personal performance
  • The influence of mindset on individual and organisational performance
  • Tools and language for on-going practical application

Cost is £495+VAT. Click here to book your place

Mindful Leadership Seminar


Our Mindful Leadership seminar is part of a programme of events at BOC's Internal Communications Conference on 28-29 March 2019 in London.

In these times of perpetual change, we need greater knowledge and deeper insight to support what we do and how we do it. By understanding the brain and how it works we naturally become more mindful, developing deeper capability to regulate emotion, improve cognitive strength and manage stress more effectively. Such skills enhance what we already know and sharpen our ability to perform, lead and motivate.

This interactive seminar examines:

  • How the brain operates and insights into human behaviour and emotional regulation
  • How to build cognitive strength and why it’s necessary for leadership and for life
  • The science behind mindfulness, why it works and the role it plays in enabling us to be more effective, supportive and compassionate leaders

Cost is £690+VAT. Booking details will go live soon, click here for more details and to register your interest.

Productivity Masterclass


During April and May 2019, we have teamed up with the IGD to run a series of free evening masterclasses around the country on the subject of Productivity. In her masterclass Improving Performance in Uncertain Times, Deborah Hulme explores the importance of mindset and behaviour and the role both play as we work to continually improve our performance, productivity and personal impact in our rapidly changing world.

This masterclass will help increase your productivity by showing you:

  • How improving your mindset allows for greater productivity and increased resilience in a changing world
  • How to manage yourself and others to achieve the highest-quality thinking, insight and innovation
  • Why developing relationships and connections is crucial to productivity and performance
  • Practical tools and exercises to reinforce the learnings from the session and support your continued learning

These free evening masterclasses are run in partnership with the IGD on 30th April - Leatherhead, 1st May - London, 2nd May - Hayes, 7th May - Coventry, 8th May - Manchester, 9th May - Leeds. Visit for more information or to book.

Change and Engagement Masterclass


This Science of Change and Engagement masterclass will take place in London on the 22nd May, 2019 and is relevant to anyone involved in change - whether you're making change happen or whether you're in the midst of a changing environment. In a rapidly changing world, understanding change from a human perspective, building resilience and supporting increasing changeability within our organisations are fundamental skills.

Participating in this full-day masterclass will provide you with a deeper appreciation of the human elements of change by showing you;

  • Existing change frameworks through the lens of neuroscience
  • The core components of a change-agile environment
  • How to ‘dial down’ threat and ‘dial up’ reward triggers to increase engagement
  • Tools and language for on-going practical application

Cost is £495+VAT. Booking details will go live soon, save the date and email to register your interest.

Neuroscience Masterclass


We have teamed up with the Institute of Internal Communication throughout 2019 to run our neuroscience masterclass; The Science Behind Effective Employee Engagement and Change. The next session is on 19th June, 2019 in London

The masterclass is relevant to anyone involved in making change happen within an organisation and so far we've welcomed participants from within those fields from a huge range of companies including Amnesty International, Caffe Nero, GSK, Heineken, Southern Water, RBS and Which?. The session covers:

  • The latest research from neuroscience, explaining how the brain operates and what helps and hinders powerful communication and effective engagement
  • How to create and maintain work environments that encourage innovation, creativity and effective collaboration, exploring the importance of culture and trust
  • How to promote wellbeing, improve resilience and reduce stress in the workplace, increasing motivation, engagement and retention

Cost is £495+VAT or £395+VAT for IoIC members. Scheduled dates for 2019 are 19th June, 25th September and 20th November. Booking details will go live soon, save the date and to register your interest in a future session email