Events Diary

Wellbeing & Performance Q&As

Interactive Q&A sessions focused on maintaining and improving wellbeing and performance.

These interactive virtual Q&A sessions are designed to provide the opportunity to ask the Minerva team any questions you may have around maintaining and improving performance and wellbeing.

How Can We Regulate Emotion & Alleviate Anxiety in order to Flourish?

How can we regulate emotion and alleviate anxiety in order to flourish?

In this webinar, we explore what we can do to regulate our emotion and alleviate feelings of anxiety in order to flourish. We share insights from neuroscience as well as our thoughts and personal experiences.

How Can We Stay Connected When Socially Distanced?

How can we stay connected when socially distanced?

This webinar explores our fundamental need for social connection and its contribution to wellbeing. We consider ways in which we can stay connected whilst in isolation or when working from home during Covid-19 lockdown.

Science of Productivity Webinar

How relationships and social connection can improve performance and productivity.

This webinar was run in partnership with the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) as part of a series of nationwide learning and development sessions delivered to IGD members exploring the neuroscience of performance and productivity.