The Neuroleader Academy Programme

Enhancing leadership practice, performance and wellbeing

  • Engage
    Whole Self

    Learn how to create optimal levels of mental and physical wellbeing by integrating brain, mind and body. Understand the relationship between your rational and emotional self and how engaging the whole self enables peak performance.
  • Lead
    the way

    Learn how to manage self and lead highly engaged teams in a rapidly changing environment, while maintaining a positive outlook and personal resilience. Understand the roles of stress and emotion to create a more coherent, agile and healthy response to change in work and life.
  • Unlock

    Learn how to access your intuition and develop curiosity for continual learning and growth. Fine-tune your powers of observation and reflection, while understanding how focused attention and diversity can support innovation and change.
  • Connect
    For change

    Learn how to create engaging environments that support trust, wellbeing and optimism. Understand why psychological safety, strong social networks and effective communication and engagement are vital for meaningful, effective collaboration.