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The Neuroleader Academy

Our Neuroleader Academy™ offers a range of learning and leadership development programmes to support personal growth and development. All of them enhance your skills and capabilities as you learn how the brain shapes behaviour, sharpening your ability to build productive relationships with the people around you.


These programmes are informed by neuroscience, and grounded in real life, with practical examples and insights you can apply easily in the real world. This is where the “soft” subjects meet the hard science, striking the sweet spot that other programmes miss.

Our Neuroleader Academy™ Programme is designed to build foundational skills for authentic, effective leadership. It introduces you to the power of brain and body for improving wellbeing, resilience and, ultimately, performance.

Through our Neuroleader Academy™ you have direct access to a variety of masterclasses, workshops and keynotes, covering topics such as Mindset Matters, Emotional Regulation and Resilience, and Confidence and Communication.

The Academy gives you world-class blended (face-to-face/online) learning experience. You learn directly from technical and operational specialists with a deep understanding of the sciences, organisational development and change.



Senior Leader & Neuroleader Programme Delegate, RSPCA

“ It’s rare at this stage in my career to find such a refreshing and enlightening take on leadership. It challenged me to think about my learned behaviours and how I needed to think about all aspects of myself in order to be a more effective and thoughtful leader.


I think one of the most important takeaways from the programme was quite simply, if you don’t look after your whole self in terms of mind, brain and body then you won’t reach your full potential as a leader as attending to all 3 aspects are equally important and the key to high performance. This advice has been invaluable as I start a new role! “


Neuroleader Programme Delegate, Welsh Govt

“ The content of the programme and the Minerva team were absolutely fantastic. I didn’t know what to expect but the programme has really had an impact on me personally and professionally. Thank you! “

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For more information on the current training and development support within the Neuroleader Academy™ click here to download a summary.

Contact for further information and pricing on our inhouse programmes, or view the course catalogue within our learning portal for a list of the open courses we currently have available.