Brain-Friendly Change


Brain Friendly Change is a human centric approach to change and longer-term transformation – human centric as people values, mindsets, behaviours and environments sit at the centre of all BFC change related activity.  Transforming deep seated beliefs, habits and ways of working to achieve the desired result. 

Despite having professionalised change management (process, structure, engagement, operating models, hearts and minds etc) the challenge of understanding human capacity for change (connect, disconnect and reconnect over and over again) and how to work with it remains.  Speed of change, overwhelm and increasing change fatigue demands a deeper understanding of human behaviour yes, but also, for example, mindset, emotions, psychological safety and importantly, available human capacity for change. 



Approaches to change that integrate current excellence in business change with best practice in assessing and enhancing the wellbeing and human connection that creates capacity for change. Change approaches that:


  • Build an understanding of organisational and team capacity for change, aligned to our biological human need to feel safe, connected and well.  (capacity/psychological safety – PS index)

  • Support leaders to develop the capabilities and skills needed to lead diverse, changing teams, able to create safe environments built on trust, collaboration and connection.  (mindset/emotion/behaviours – enable change programme)

  • Include interventions and content that enhance team belonging, individual wellbeing and collective resilience before and during change.  (collaboration/communication – learning and strategy)

  • Integrate all of the above into our standard change approaches, so they are what we term ‘Brain-Friendly’. (tools and techniques for leaders and teams)

Brain-Friendly Change is the integration of neuroscience insights, tools and techniques into our change approaches and initiatives. Neuroscience insights now enable us to positively impact mindset and behaviour, to:

  • Assess felt psychological safety and equip leaders to create safe space, for their teams, strengthening connection and building resilience

  • Enhance individual, team and organisational change capacity, whilst maintaining wellbeing and performance

  • Deploy learning and tools for optimum business efficiency

Brain-Friendly Change brings a holistic approach to change, one that’s needed if we are to engage with and address the very real human issues that reduce capacity for change and stop it landing well.

Key Areas We Focus On

Understand capacity and Psych Safety (PS Index and on-going measurement)

Evolving leadership skills and capabilities (enabling change BFC leadership programme)

Build Resilience (on-line learning/webinars/workshops/discussion groups – enterprise wide)

Team build (team play tools, techniques and skills build – team by team)